Making Kiwi Saver Work for You

So you’re employed and joined Kiwi saver when you first started working but you haven’t reviewed it since then, Not sure about what fund you are in or your provider? 


Don’t feel like you are in control of your future retirement?


Feeling the sting of rising costs in food, gas and everything while at same time you are seeing your hard earned money decline. 


You are in the same boat with a lot of others…simply put inflation has increased which makes everything else cost more and on top of that the supply’s shortages are having an effect on the global economies all over the world. 

while you might wonder how that might effect the funds in your KiwiSaver. 


Breaking it down KiwiSaver is split up like pieces of a pie that have a different flavour and those are shared in different markets or types of investments this is usually a good thing and called diversification which helps reduce risk. How ever when all the pieces or types of pies are effected globally like with supply or pandemic issues then they can decrease or get eaten.


On a positive note, if you are contributing regularly you would be getting a great discount as  you would like in a Sale. In the long term you generally see investments increase over time. So just remember if retirement is 5 plus years away just stay the course and the ship should come right. 


But if you are worried about too much fluctuation then you might not be in the best fund right for you and best to get that reviewed. 


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